Dr.Neha Chawre

Psychologist – Life Coach – Counsellor  5  Years Experience Overall .

A recognized leader in Psychology , Meditation & counselling


As dedicated professionals, psychologists not only aim to alleviate distress and enhance mental well-being but also strive to empower individuals, organizations, and communities to lead fulfilling and purposeful lives. With a commitment to scientific inquiry, ethical practice, and an unwavering passion for the human experience, psychologists stand as beacons of insight and empathy in the pursuit of a deeper understanding of what makes us uniquely human. Join us on a journey into the realms of the mind, where the complexities of human nature are explored with curiosity, compassion, and a dedication to fostering positive change.


  • Psychologist
  • Life Coach
  • Meditation Coach
  • Counsellor


  • Consultant neurosurgeon at Christ hospital, USA
  • Senior Registrar at Mica Hospital, Seth AS Medical ,USA
  • Neurosurgeon at WELLS University , USA


  • MBBS – Stanford University, New York, USA, 2003
  • MS – General Surgery – MIT, Amsterdam, USA, 2007
  • MCh – Neuro Surgery – Aster University, Amsterdam, Brooklyn, USA 2015


  • Expert in performing Endoscope assisted surgery Adept in treatment of tumors.
  • Innovative approach for prevention and treatment of post subarachnoid hemorrhage vasospasm

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